To benefit yourself,
benefit society.


We start, scale, and serve business that benefit society with jobs and opportunities. Using strategy and technology to create capacity, expand capabilities, & increase confidence.

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James Oliver

An early 1900’s businessman, knew if he served farmers, he would never go hungry. So he created a plow that made their lives easier. Inspired by him, we serve those who benefit society. For more on him, here is a short biography.


A Seattle-based business consultancy

An organization’s power comes from its people, and people’s efforts can be multiplied by a strong business or brand. We help people develop their brand and business so they and their people can play the long game, so that everyone benefits.

Our strategy and technology services help businesses create and implement a roadmap for growth. We develop and implement business & strategic growth plans, process improvement plans, leadership programs, and sales & marketing strategies & campaigns.

Our process helps companies to increase clarity, reduce expenses & waste, expand offerings, grow leaders, and drive results.

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